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The Trials Of An Upcoming Writer

The other day I took the little one to summer camp. It was a little far from home and going back after leaving him there didn’t make much sense, since I was to go back to pick him up in a couple of hours anyway. And it was still early in the day for shops or even libraries to be open yet; so I decided to hang around the reception for a half hour or so before I could take refuge in the nearest book shop.
You have nowhere to go!
So fifteen minutes in, I am sitting on one of the plastic chairs in the reception area fiddling with my phone when one of the organisers walks out for a water break and sees me. “How’s it going?” I ask smiling, to which she nods and smiles back and says, “good, they are getting to know each other…you comfortable out here?” and I answer in the affirmative. Then she goes back in and I get lost with my phone again. I am listing out ideas and coming up with openers for my future blog posts and before I know it, she is back. A shocked glance at my watch tells me I ha…

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